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Hey you! Yes, you! Are you bored? Are you trying to find a funny and addictive game? Do you like the adventures and the awesome games that challenge your fingers and your brain? You are in the correct place : ).

Control our hero: Red, is a ball and is an Emoji! and complete all the levels and the rooms from this game.

The red ball adventures start when the girlfriend of the " red ball hero " is kidnapped by the evil ball (also known as the black ball in some countries and the blue ball in anothers). To rescue her, you will have to fight a lot of enemies: the angry ball, the roller ball, the tiger ball, and the evil brothers (the red ball 1, the red ball 2 ,the red ball 3, the red ball 4 and the red ball 5).

The ball jumps, bounces, rolls, and if you want to succes in your adventure, you will have to climb the walls to solve the different rooms in order to fight the final boss of the game.

The red ball hero is angry, climb the tower, roll on the floor, smash and hit enemies, and enjoy this “balls game”

Is a red circle ball? is a red sphere? no! is a jumping red ball! jump with speed, smash strong! and complete your adventure ;)


-Red ball hero
-Angry climb movements
-Smash hit balls and enemies with the redball
-Ball game style (or red bal or red ballz, depending of your contry)
-Red ball vs blue ball (the classic fight: good vs evil, black vs white)
-Green ball, steel ball and yellow ball too!
-Ball rebound and ball bounce skills.
-New ball control

Enjoy this funny game, have fun, and rock the ball in this red game!

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